ZEUS Beard Oil for Men – 1 oz – All-Natural Beard Conditioning Oil to Soften Beard and Mustache Hairs (Sandalwood)

Like all Zeus Beard Oils, this Sandalwood scented oil uses some of the finest natural ingredients known to man. Ingredients such as Safflower Seed oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E, and Grape Seed oil are some of the useful components that help with skin irritation, dryness, and itching. The sandalwood scent has become a favorite among men for its earthy tones and manly hints of spice. Easily comb a dab of this beard oil into your facial hair using your favorite Zeus beard or mustache comb and feel the effects of this powerful oil for yourself!

Product Features

  • SCENT: Our popular sandalwood scent is a manly, woodsy smell with a hint of spice.
  • REDUCE ITCH: Quick-absorbing Safflower Seed Oil helps reduce itch.
  • SHINE: Moroccan Argan Oil helps give your beard a healthy shimmer.
  • SOOTHE: Anti-inflammatory Grape Seed Oil helps repair irritated skin.
  • HYDRATES: Vitamin E repairs dry skin and hydrates your face.

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  1. Made me a lifetime customer. Switched to Zeus Sandalwood about 4 months ago and Never looked back. The smell is phenomenal but not very strong. Someone had to get close to you to smell it, but that’s what I’d prefer. Liked it so much I switched all of my beard products to Zeus in the sandalwood scent and none of them have let me down. Shampoo, conditioner, oil, balm and brush. The only product I use that isn’t Zeus is my comb. Best products I’ve used and as a Creative Director, I also love the branding.They’ve…

  2. Awful Scent The oil actually feels great on my face, but the scent is so unpleasant and overpowering that I can’t use it. It smells like chemicals and baby wipes. I figured the smell would gradually fade away after I applied the oil (I only used a couple drops) but I had no such luck. I purchased the “Vanilla Rum” scent so I can’t speak for the others. I would just buy another scent and try it if the price weren’t so high, since the oil does a great job of making my facial hair soft and moisturizing the…

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