Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner – All Natural Unscented Organic Argan & Jojoba Oils – Softens, Smooths & Strengthens Beard Growth – Grooming Beard and Mustache Maintenance Treatment, 3 Pack

Simple Beard Maintenance

No muss, no fuss. Sometimes you only want the simple things; life can be complicated enough. We understand that. For those who want their beard to feel excellent and look classy without strong scents and without too many steps, we’ve got you covered. With our quick and easy beard maintenance products, it doesn’t have to be a headache to have a great-looking beard.

No More Beard Dandruff

Healing and nourishing the skin under your beard to prevent flaking, just place a few drops of beard oil in the palm of your hand using the simple oil dropper bottle, and massage the treatment into your skin at the roots of your beard. One application of beard oil conditioner keeps your beard and face moisturized all day and the grooming balm effectively keeps beard flakes at bay.

Smell Good, Look Great

Leaving beard growth smooth and frizz-free, this beard and mustache maintenance oil makes bad facial hair days a thing of the past. We decided the best scent for this conditioner oil was no scent at all – when you already smell of soap, face wash or shower gel, you don’t need it! The beard conditioner oil is hydrating without leaving a greasy residue, and improves hair growth.

100% Natural & Organic

The only ingredients in our beard oil conditioner treatment are: Organic Cold Pressed Golden Jojoba Oil and Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil. Completely safe and natural, treat your beard or mustache to the best!

Join the Viking Revolution

Our team is whole heartedly committed to making sure that each product we offer is of the highest quality, using only premium ingredients and materials. Grow and care for your beard or mustache with our grooming products in complete confidence. Our results speak for themselves and we back all our beard care treatments and accessories with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!

Product Features

  • TAME YOUR BEARD: Even the burliest of beards can be controlled with our organic beard oil conditioner. Restore softness and shine for a smooth and frizz-free beard or mustache in seconds.
  • NO ITCHING OR SCRATCHING: Get rid of the dreaded beardruff! Add a few drops of beard oil treatment and your beard will feel excellent as well as look great all day long!
  • NO SCENT CLASH: We’ve made our beard grooming oil scent-free to avoid overwhelming fragrance mixes with cologne or face washes, and it’s non-greasy too.
  • 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC: We’ve put together the perfect beard conditioner blend of Organic Argan Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil to give you the badass beard you deserve.
  • THE VIKING GUARANTEE: All Viking products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – just contact us if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase.

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  1. A Rose By Any Other Name…

  2. Does what I want in a beard oil, could use a refill bottle Beard oil is much better than no beard oil. This is the first one I bought and I have been using it since.The medicine dropper doles out a bit to my hand which I work into my beard, mustache, and eyebrows. It usually kills the dander, and eliminates the itch, and does not have a stinky annoying perfume smell.Where this could get better is if they offer a larger bottle to refill the smaller bottles. This would cut down on the waste stream, and cut down on the re-orders…

  3. I like the double pack oil I received. Helps my beard remain soft rubbing a few drops in every other day. Longer beards tend to frizz a bit too and this stuff does well in helping to straighten unruly hairs out. The unscented is great, totally unnoticeable with colognes and such. The scented version is pleasant and I like it as well, kind of a light pine-ish smell, or woodsy, they call it Sandalwood. It’s all natural too, which makes it all the better to use in my humble opinion. Service is…

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