The Barbering Co. Shaving Template and Beard Shaping Tool | DIY Cut, Trim, or Shave | Beard Lineup Tool and Trimming Guide/Stencil/Guard | 100% Natural Sandalwood

Always get crisp, clean and even beard lines thanks to the Shaving Template and Beard Shaping Tool by The Barbering CO.

Having to line up your beard is an annoying daily chore that never gives you the desired results. And crooked cheek lines are simply unattractive and unprofessional. That’s why at The Barbering Co. we created the Shaving Template and Beard Shaping Tool, a beautifully crafted sandalwood trimming guide to help you get perfectly even and clean beard lines every time.

You simply comb your beard downward with the integrated combs and position the shaving guide at the desired angle on your cheeks before you cut, trim or shave a perfect beard line. Quick and easy, it’s the best choice for keeping your beard looking fresh every day.

Product Details:

  • Original Beard Shaping Tool
  • Ideal for Round Cheek Lines
  • Wide and Fine-Tooth Combs
  • Great for Use with Razor, Trimmer or Clipper
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4.5 x 0.3 inch
  • One Sizes Fits All
  • 100% Natural Sandalwood
  • Home or Travel Use
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Keep your beard line clean and even with a DIY template by ordering The Barbering Co.’s Beard Shaping Tool now!

Product Features

  • Trim or Shave an Even Beard Line – Designed to help you obtain the perfect beard outline, this shaving template guarantees a close, even and symmetrical shave or trim.
  • Cheeks, Sideburns, Mustache and More – Use our shaving template to symmetrically style all facial hair. Use the round part for cheek lines, the straight one for sideburns, and the ends for your mustache or goatee.
  • Versatile – Shape your beard lines and facial hair with a razor, trimmer or clipper. You can obtain different styles of round cheek lines by changing the angle of the shaving template.
  • Two Comb Widths – Comb your beard before trimming or shaving for optimal results. Fine tooth for styling thin and straight hair, wide tooth for thick or wavy hair.
  • Won’t Dent – Unlike all other beard shaping tools made of cheap plastic, our 100% natural sandalwood stencil is resistant, durable and won’t dent so your razor or trimmer will always run smoothly along the template.

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