GIBS Grooming Alpha Male Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil – 1 oz with pump, 1 fl. oz.

Our limited edition alpha male beard, hair and tattoo oil in a pocket-sized 1 oz. pump is your silver dollar. It soothes and protects road weary beard, hair and tattoos with olive, argan, acai and sunflower oils. Buy it now and get a free commemorative alpha male man brick, cause when its time for leaving, the only things you’re taking with you are the essentials! Alpha Male Beard, Hair & Tattoo oil for those Alpha males who respect their beard. We have incorporated natural ingredients as we care for your love towards your beard. Passion fruit is high in Vitamin C & Calcium that nourishes your skin with hair. Argan oil improves strength and helps them to manage efficiently with Acai oil which promotes collagen with elastin in hair as it has an extreme level of Anti-oxidants properties. In addition to this, we have added Olive, and Copaiba Balsam oil improve the softness of skin and hair simultaneously treating damaged or irritated skin and hair meanwhile with sunflower oil you can prevent damage to your hair or beard. Sunflower, Argan & Copaiba balsam oil altogether take care of your skin acts as tattoo oil. It takes proper care of your tattoo when it starts getting dry and itching by keeping colour intact in the crucial time. It can also be used as pre or after shave

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  1. I ordered the skull and didn’t get it I got a plastic bottle

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