FaceLine beard comb – beard trimming kit for perfect beard grooming – use this shaping tool to trim beard professionally

Get a Well Groomed Beard with the FaceLine Beard Shaping and Grooming Comb

While unkempt and overwhelming beards can be a thing to behold and to be proud of, we are of the mind that a gentleman should have the option to groom and style himself and his beard without losing it completely. That’s the option we’ve provided you with FaceLine beard shaping and grooming tool.

Our team believes that you can maintain the life of a beardsman and the life of an artist, professional, athlete or executive simultaneously. Exercise the style of a woodsman and the style of a modern man without compromise.

FaceLine is the well-groomed gentleman’s solution – the middle ground between a wild, unshaven face and a barren wasteland devoid of masculinity.

Trim Beard or Goatee for Perfect Symmetry, Travel Grooming Comb Will Untangle Any Beard

FaceLine should be part of any gentleman’s grooming and beard trimming kit. It is great as one of your travel accessories in addition to use at home or work.

Use FaceLine to define your face lines as follows:

– Shape your neck line using the inside curve of the FaceLine beard comb. Place the curve where you want your beard neck line to end; use a trimmer or razor to mark a clean line; shave hair for a perfect look.

– To get the cheek line you want, position the FaceLine tool against the face; use the markings and move it up or down to find the right line and shave over and away from the curved edge.

– The FaceLine shaping tool can also be used to get the perfect jaw line beard and for goatees.

Product Features

  • The FaceLine design includes all the elements needed for shaping and maintaining your beard exactly how you want it. These include curved and straight edges for shaping and a comb for grooming with clippers or razor.
  • Tapered edges allow a smooth, easy and comfortable shave for cheek, jaw and neck lines.
  • Measurement markings help you adjust for perfect alignment and symmetry for all beards and styles.
  • Full, clear and easy to follow instructions are provided. Read the directions and become comfortable with holding the tool and fitting it to your face. Soon your will be an expert and your friends and family will shower you with compliments and ask where you got that perfect shave.
  • A great gift for yourself or the bearded man in your life. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. We are confident in the quality and design of the FaceLine product and the benefits to and satisfaction of our customers

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