Diane Large Neck Duster

The Diane Neck Duster is ideal for brushing off hair around the neckline and ears after a haircut. Soft nylon bristles are gentle on skin, and the handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. The stand-up base is easy to use on any salon or barber station. Also great for at home use!

Product Features

  • Features a stand-up base
  • Soft nylon bristles
  • Plastic handle
  • Great for removing hair off neckline
  • Length: 7.5-Inches

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  1. I love this thing AAA its so so soft I love this thing AAA its so so soft. It is so soft in fact that my dog actually took it over as his brush. So soft it helps his anxiety and stress when I brush his head and belly with it. Wheather for personal or professional use whoever is on the receiving end of this softness will be happy. I would love to order another for myself when I have some extra money someday. I highly recommend this brush it seems well made and I haven’t had any of the bristles pop out they are all firmly secured in…

  2. Great for dusting body powder

  3. Worth every penny. Just started cutting my son’s hair and noticed it’s a much easier task if you have a brush to clean all the cut hair off. And using this large brush is much more convenient than trying to get the back of the neck clean or the top of the shirt cleaned with your hand or a towel. If you’re going to be cutting hair on a regular or semi-regular basis I can’t think of any reason why anyone wouldn’t want this???It arrived as described, brand new and intact (no bent/crushed or missing…

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