Beard Oil – DOVICH Beard Grooming Care Kit 8 in 1 for Men, 100% Natural Beard Oil Leave-in Conditioner, Beard Balm, Beard Brush, Styling Comb, Trimming Scissors, Beard shaving cloth, Linen Bag

You may have seen many men with good-looking, long and thick beards and wondered how they can keep their nice beard like that! The secret to it is they use great beard products which tame their beard and make it appear fuller, thicker and under control.

So, here comes our beard grooming kit to help you grow and style your beard.

Our beard oil can help transform your beard from a brittle mess to one that is both much softer and healthier looking. Containing oils that you can use regularly, jojoba oil helps to ensure that your beard is well-nourished and moisturized for the entire day.

Beard balm can give your beard some extra shine while keeping it healthy. It treats split ends, reduces irritants and eliminates flakiness.

Keep your facial hair looking resplendent – a good beard grooming & trimming kit is a key factor. Our beard comb, brush and scissors were designed to trim beards carefully and reliably and help you get rid of split ends.

Our thoughtful gift for you – a beard cape! With this great helper, no more messy sinks and bathrooms!

Take our beard grooming gift set with you! Your bearded man will thank you for making his part of everyday morning routine so easy!

There are plenty of options maintaining a great-looking beard as long as you get the right products. Trust us and allow us to make your beard with shine, confidence, and the envy of many. Style your beard, friends!

Product Features

  • Our Beard kit with beard oil and balm can keep your beard conditioned and shiny. Adding Plant oils like jojoba and tea tree, it helps soften and hydrate your beard while minimizing dandruff. The lightweight blend won’t make your beard feel greasy.
  • For beard grooming & styling, our beard set contains beard brush, beard comb, beard scissors and styling comb. These beard trimming tools provide you a convenient way to make your own beard style.
  • The beard conditioner are 100% natural and fragrance free. It adds Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which can strengthen your beard and provide additional shine to your whiskers. This is good for men who want to fix a dull or frizzy looking beard.
  • A good beard comb can make your facial hair look neat.Our two-sided, hand-carved comb works well with both beard oil and balm pulls out all of the stops.The beard brush with 100% boar bristle head is reinforced to achieve maximum rigidity for penetration.
  • Our well-packed & delicate beard gift set is specially prepared for men: Beard oil, Beard wax, Beard comb, Beard brush, Beard scissors, Beard styling brush, Beard shaving cloth and a linen bag for outgoing.

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