Beard Bandana, Richoose facial beard apron guard beard cap – protects beard 2pcs

Protect whiskers from soups and sauces. Let you eat at ease.
Keep your beard from tangling and splitting when you sleep, making it grow healthily.

Fits most sizes.
Fits for beards no longer than 2″ starting at the tip of your chin.

How to clean:
Wash by hand with soapy water or water. Do not machine wash.

3 years long After sales service. Any questions can be sent to us by email.

Product Features

  • Beard apron, can effectively prevent facial hair falling into the food, more can prevent food sauces, soup and oil contamination you Beard on the face, protect beard clean and healthy.
  • Beard protector, leave beard oil on your beard instead of pillowcase while you sleep, and have it prevents tangles and itching in the beard.
  • Beard cover, made of high quality cotton, comfortable and breathable, easy to clean, no odor.
  • Beard guard, very suitable for your boyfriend, man, husband, father, grandfather, uncle or treat yourself.
  • We provide 3 years long After sales service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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