All Natural Beard Balm Butter for Men, Beard and Mustache Grooming Moisturizer, Hair Softener and Conditioner, Promotes Growth, Provides Hold, Reduces Itching, Vegan Beard Care Products (50g)


Ultimate Beard Care

Turn your mane into a compliment magnet by giving it some much needed TLC! We’ve combined all-natural ingredients, a refreshing
scent, and the perfect buttery consistency to create a beard balm you’ll simply love. Made using macadamia oil, bees wax, shea
butter, olive fruit oil and jojoba seed oil, the Baroque Royal balm softens, nourishes, moisturizes and conditions your beard to give
it a healthy shine, all while keeping unruly hairs at bay. No more dealing with a dry beard and itchy skin. No more dealing with
balms full of synthetic ingredients.

Blended to Perfection

Not all beard balms are created equal. Some are way too greasy, others are a nightmare to apply, and some have an overpowering
scent that kills your vibe. We’ve taken the premium route when it comes to blending. You’ll love the non-greasy texture and quick-
absorbent nature that coats every follicle without any of the mess; you’ll relish the Ocean Blue scent that smells clean and refreshing
– almost like your favorite pricey cologne. All our beard products are also vegan and 100% cruelty-free; so you can groom away
with total peace of mind.

Here are some of the benefits of our natural balm:

– Softens and conditions to make your beard easier to manage.

– Doubles as styling wax to keep unruly hairs in check.

– Moisturizes hair and skin to prevent beard flakes and itching.

– Promotes hair growth and can help minimize patchiness.

– Gives the beard a healthy shine and dapper luster.

– Works with any hair type or color without staining.

– A pea-sized amount goes a very long way.

Unlock your beard’s full potential with a balm that does it all!

Product Features

  • – ALL-NATURAL GOODNESS: Nourish, condition, and soften your beard the all-natural way. Unlike other beards balms with synthetic ingredients that cause irritation, ours is made using a wholesome mix of macadamia oil, bees wax, shea butter, olive fruit oil and jojoba seed oil.
  • – TAME YOUR MANE: Our beard butter doesn’t just soften your beard and give it an enviable shine, it also doubles as styling wax to tame those wild hairs. So no more dealing with a frizzy beard or moustache a couple of hours into your day; keep it looking kempt all day long.
  • – PROMOTES HEALTHY GROWTH: Yearning to grow a thicker and fuller beard? Looking for a solution to the patchiness? Our natural beard balm nourishes your skin with vitamins and proteins that help stimulate hair growth while reducing flakes and itchiness. A perfect gift for someone you care about or yourself.
  • – BLENDED TO EXCELLENCE: Whether your beard is black or white, red, brown or blonde, this beard care balm gives it some TLC without any staining. You’ll also love the Ocean Blue scent that smells clean, light and refreshing; never overpowering.
  • – BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We’ve got your back with a total satisfaction guarantee. We also take pride in our vegan beard balm butter being 100% cruelty-free; it’s never tested on animals.

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  1. I was so excited when it arrived…right up to opening the box. As soon as I took the plastic wrap from the outside I knew there was a problem. A nice shiny liquid everywhere. Opened the box and everything looked normal…WTH I thought. Then opened the box for the beard oil..the cap with the dropper was broken off and every bit of oil was gone. Can anyone guess why I wanted this set…yup…the beard oil. I saw other reviews saying this had happened to them and I thought surely they have…

  2. Not only do these products make you look good, they make you feel like a god. Your beard will shine and glisten throughout the day. The shampoo will make your beard feel softer and the balm not only carries a great scent but it makes it easy to manage. Don’t even get me started on the oil! The sent is strong yet subtle and refreshing and makes it look like spring has arrived all over your face….I also truly enjoy the brush and comb, extremely durable and the wood grain color looks…

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